Living with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels The first year 2010

Year 1      The beginning    2010

We have always had pets in our household, over the last thirty years it has been Cavalier King Charles dogs who are one of the loveliest breeds as a companion dog. This is a diary of the latest ones, for the first time we got two sisters together, aged 8 weeks and it has been a steep learning curve, very different from one dog at a time or different aged dogs. I hope you enjoy this diary of their lives

In the Spring of 2010 our Cavalier Tessa died, she went outside on a lovely sunny day and laid on the grass and just went to sleep. She had not been ill, just old age and you could not ask for a nicer way for her to go.

We waited 3 months but decided we could not be without a dog so I began the search for a puppy. I was aware of the current health problems affecting most dogs, Cavaliers in particular have always been checked for eye and heart problems but now have the disease Syringmyelia (SM) to be looked for which is when the brain becomes too big for the skull, pockets of fluid form and cause terrible pain, with some dogs having to be put to sleep. We had Cavaliers for over 20 years but so much has changed within the breed and also with training. I spoke to a lovely lady Margaret Carter who is associated with and she gave me lots of advice , so I contacted the breeders with SM clear puppies but there were no bitches being born. I had almost given up when my daughter who is a RVN/Pet behaviourist/Dog trainer was told by a Vet friend that a Vet Nurse had a litter of puppies due shortly and when I contacted her they had been born 2 days before. She has both parents and the Mother was a black and tan,  four and a half years, the Father a Blenheim,

6 years from old stock with slightly longer nose and legs which is good.    She sent us details of their five generation lineage and these photographs of the parents who both lived with her so we had all the information before we ever saw the puppies. Like most people, if we had seen the puppies first we would not be able to stop ourselves wanting them even if they had problems. So began the wait to see them, but she sent regular photographs by e-mail until we could visit them at 7 weeks, and they would be ready to go at 8 weeks after their first vaccination.Dad - Leo[1]Maggie - mum[1]






This is Maggie, age three and a half and Leo, age 6, our puppies Parents

Litter of Cavalier King Charles Puppies 3 weeks old


6 puppies – 3 Ruby, 1 Blenheim, 1 Black and tan,1 tri-colour

5wks Saffy        Playing in the water 4 weeks oldSadie sitting 5 wks old


Sadie and Saffy 5 weeks >

< Saffy with litter mate 5 weeks


I had always wanted a ruby colour and we only have bitches, there were 2 available but we chose Sadie, and took our daughter along to check them out and hold us back so we did not come out having picked 4 puppies. A little black and tan kept snuggling up to Sadie, but we held firm and went home. However, that evening the scene kept coming back to us and I telephoned and asked to reserve Sapphire as well.



Sapphire (Saffy)         Sadie   7 weeks old     Sadie in the fridge     Both dive in the shopping

The puppies have such different characters, Saffy is very laid back and loves her bed, Sadie is adventurous and into everything

The garden is quite big so decided to block off the entrance to the back part so we could find them. First they looked over it, studied it, then over they went. We had to put  gates to block the back but they still have the run of the side garden.

In the summer, there are loads of hiding places, the reeds seem to be favourite. They also love to stop to smell the roses


Indoors they always find something to do. Gazing out of the window is favourite, even when it is blocked Sadie finds a way round it by becoming a Meercat. The play house is fun

And so to bed. They have a very close bond


must be bedtimepyjama girls







From the beginning, Sadie and Saffy have had a close sisterly bond,  we were advised to separate them at different times in case a time came when they had to go somewhere on their own and it would be harder later, they have separate beds but still often end up in the same one, but they have the choice. The pen was invaluable especially in the kitchen as it would be easy to have an accident tripping over them, and Cavaliers are well known for wanting to be with you at every step. Their coats were so fine and silky and they felt the cold, so even though it was only Autumn it could be chilly at night, so I found these cotton baby grow tee shirts in the £1 shop which were perfect, easily washable and cheap.



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