Our first holiday 2012

May 2012 Our holiday

We are off on our holiday to Laughton in East Sussex. There are 3 cottages in an enclosed gated courtyard which is perfect for us. There is an enclosed dog walking area and several acres of fields with a huge lake with day fishing cabins

Let's make ourselves at home  Making ourselves at home

There is a lot to watch outside, chickens, ducks, geese  and ponies
Cassie is a 4 month old German shepherd dog who lives with her owners at the cottages, but she was a bit nervous. We can be a bit overwhelming sometimes as we get excited to meet new dogs, but we learn to calm down and wait for the other dog to come to us.

OK, I will lie down so you can get used to me                  Sadie meeting Cassie the German Shepherd dog for the first timeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Hello, I like you  Saffy with Cassie the GSD, hmm not sure about this big puppy

Saffy & Sadie make friends   Aaah Cassie holding out the paw of friendship to Saffy

Pony passing by     View of the field, Laughton

Lovely views outside the gates, a pony crossing over to the field




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