Our first holiday 2012

May 2012 Our holiday

We are off on our holiday to Laughton in East Sussex. There are 3 cottages in an enclosed gated courtyard which is perfect for us. There is an enclosed dog walking area and several acres of fields with a huge lake with day fishing cabins

Let's make ourselves at home  Making ourselves at home

There is a lot to watch outside, chickens, ducks, geese  and ponies
Cassie is a 4 month old German shepherd dog who lives with her owners at the cottages, but she was a bit nervous. We can be a bit overwhelming sometimes as we get excited to meet new dogs, but we learn to calm down and wait for the other dog to come to us.

OK, I will lie down so you can get used to me                  Sadie meeting Cassie the German Shepherd dog for the first timeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Hello, I like you  Saffy with Cassie the GSD, hmm not sure about this big puppy

Saffy & Sadie make friends   Aaah Cassie holding out the paw of friendship to Saffy

Pony passing by     View of the field, Laughton

Lovely views outside the gates, a pony crossing over to the field





Saffy & Sadie 2011

 The girls have grown up so quickly just like children, they are fourteen months old now and just had their second seasons. I looked at proper dog pants in the shop but they were very expensive and I did not want to get any marks on either the new carpet or our clothes, so I hit on the idea of buying active pampers and cutting a hole for the tail which works very well. Saffy is quite happy with them on, Sadie is the most active one and not so keen but will tolerate them. It is only for a short time and keeps us all happy. So that is it for another six months.


They had such fine coats I knitted them jumpers to keep warm for the winter, then they had their first Christmas outfits
Of course they need it for warmth more than anything, they are now 17 months old but still have very fine coats which will not keep out the cold, but it does not hurt to look good at the same time. These red velvet outfits are warm and look good. The saying “Don’t work with children or animals” was very true when trying to take these photos, but I have a secret weapon just for these times, the pups adore Refresher sweets and will do anything for one, seems stange as it is sherbet and fizzes but they love them. So, I broke one into four pieces and when they knew they were in the offing, they became the perfect posers, Saffy is very good and will pose for ages, Sadie wants to keep on the move but gave in when she knew what the reward was. So I have some very nice photographs for the family album.
Last year they were tiny puppies who just slept then played with the wrapping paper and fell asleep again, but this year it is already like having terrible two year old twins. I have a display of village houses and trees which I add to each year and they seem to be of particular interest, Saffy has been caught twice with a fir tree on the floor after climbing up onto the sofa to reach over to get it. The command “Leave” is coming in very handy just now!
I just turned round as I heard them growling and running back and forth to find a pair of my knickers off the drying rack being used as a tug toy, oh the joys of puppies growing up, but they make me laugh and that cannot be a bad thing in the days we are experiencing now
So,I am looking forward to Christmas day with the puppies, they may just find a little parcel under the tree if they are good girls as a reward for all the smiles they have given me throughout the year.

Christmas 2011


Winter Our first snow