Chase’n’Tug Dog Training Tools



We now have the Chase’n’Tug © (registered design) training tool from Trixies Pet behaviour and training in stock which is exclusive to us and is not available anywhere else. It comes with a FREE  no stuffing toy with two squeakers in to attract your dog’s attention. Toy design will vary.
If you have a dog who is in training, or who gets easily distracted or chases other dogs, this just may be what you have been waiting for.
What is it used for? the sound and movement of the Chase’n’Tug©  appeals to a dogs natural chase instinct which is present in most dogs. It can focus attention on the owner and tool, rather than distractions in the environment, such as dogs, people, sheep and wildlife. It is an excellent tool to aid recalls and may help other behaviour and training issues, whilst providing positive Reward-based training. The Chase’n’Tug©  is great fun and increases mental stimulation whilst providing outlets for normal canine behaviour. The cord used is strong and resilient and is utilised by the US Military and NASA. It is capable of taking the strain in excess of 250kg

How to use;- Hold handle end, unravel cord and attach soft toy using the slip knot.
Hold handle end, lower toy to ground level, move the Chase’n’tug©  stick from side to side in a zig-zag motion, swiftly twisting and turning along the ground to stimulate your dog’s chase instinct. You should encourage your dog to follow the movement of the soft toy and allow to catch after a short time. Some dogs may enjoy a gentle game of tug. Teach a drop or leave it command to ensure safe retrieval of the Chase’n’Tug©  from your dog
It may also be helpful to less mobile people, as it can be used for indoor or outdoor exercise, even from an armchair.
Warnings This is an interactive tool to be used by a responsible adult over 14 years old. Keep away from children. The Chase’n’Tug©  is not a toy. Never leave your dog to play with the Chase’n’Tug©  unsupervised. Keep a tight grip on the handle whilst using and keep the toy at ground level to prevent accidental injury. With regard to the no stuffing toy, please read instructions and warnings for that product. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Chase’n’Tug©  Regular  £20.00 plus £2.90 postage Comes with 1 of 4 different toys

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c-and-t-extreme-190x119  Chase’n’Tug©  Extreme for bigger dogs with no stuffing toy £25.00 plus £2.90postage

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can also be collected in The New Forest or Brighton areas