New puppy

When you bring home a new puppy, it is the beginning of a special relationship, but it is also important to set boundaries from the start if you do not want a puppy who is either out of control or if you want to set rules such as “not sleeping on my bed”  from the start. So what should you do to make your puppy comfortable enough to want to follow your rules from the start. The first 48 hours are crucial, no doubt your puppy will miss it’s mum and litter mates, it was a lovely warm place to cuddle up so being torn away from that environment takes time to adjust to.
So, what does a new puppy need?
A quiet, safe, warm place to sleep away from high foot traffic areas, some noise is good for puppies to aclimatise to, but they sleep a lot in the first few months.
Fresh water and good puppy food
Something to represent mum (with mum’s scent on if possible) , a soft toy to represent siblings, warmth, a cosy bed
A toilet area away from bed with  puppy mat or paper
You can use a crate or a pen set in a quiet area, the crate can be used to transport puppy in the car, a pen usually has more room to accommodate the water bowl and puppy mat until the door can be left open when the pup is a bit older. Using a crate or pen makes sense, it makes them feel safe and keeps them from getting under your feet all the time which can lead to injury. However, they should not be left in a contained area for long periods during the day, and should be taken outside for toileting immediately after feeding each time and preferably once an hour in between to encourage good toilet training.
The first 48 hours are crucial for settling your new puppy in, as this is when they miss their Mother and siblings most, the new Puppy cushion with heat pads below will help your pup settle in quicker. It is soft fleece, machine washable, and has a pocket in the back to put the heat pad in. After the first 48 hours, it can be used as a cushion although puppies should not be left unsupervised with any soft items in case of chewing. The heart  comes with 2 heat packs to last 48 hours, please read instructions supplied with that product.
Heart and 2 heat packs £6.99 plus £2.95 postage




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Most puppies love the company and warmth of their human, and will do their best to try to get into your cosy bed with you. That is fine if it is what you want, but dogs can be wriggly snoring little things and a bigger puppy or dog may take up more room than anticipated especially as many tend to hog the space or move so close to you that you cannot turn over or move.  A good solution to this is the microwavable heat pads (instructions supplied) shown below which can be popped into their bed last thing and should help to settle them. There are no wires to chew and are easy to use.

They make an excellent gift and can be gift wrapped and posted directly to a recipient if you supply details on the order. They are suitable for all ages of dogs and cats, if you need a full self-warming mat suitable  for older or arthritic dogs please see that page, they come with a free portable heating pad.