Seek’n’Treat© Scent-game Treat Mats


Seek’n’Treat©  Snuffle  Mat

Click on the link under each colour to order. You do not need a Pay Pal account, you can pay by credit card. Orders are shipped out in 1-2 days or you can collect from New Forest or Brighton, just message us for pick up.

All mats  are on a rubber base for stability and can easily be washed, instructions supplied. As they are hand made each one will be different with variations in colour, size 27x20cm/11.5×8″

Price £16.00 plus £2.90 postage

To use;- Sprinkle a few small treats into the fleece and push in slightly, let your pet snuffle to seek them out  to get them. Good to keep them busy and for distraction and enrichment. Also good when a pet needs crate rest or distraction


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Red/white/blue   lick here;

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Vintage green, pink, lilac, click here;-

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Just for cats  Cat Seek’n’Treat©   Snuffle Mats 22x22cm (8×8″)  Hide dry food or treats somewhere in the house and let your cat use its natural hunting instincts to find it. Helps to stop cats becoming bored  (especially those confined to the house) and keeps them active.

Each mat comes with a Catnip mouse
On a firm rubber base, completely washable.£10.00 plus £2.90 postage each. To order click here;-